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Entrepreneurs and owners of closely held businesses benefit from good judgment and legal counsel when a decision needs to be made or a dispute resolved. Levine & Levine attorneys have advised business owners for over 30 years in all aspects of legal and contractual issues that can arise from managing a closely held business. Levine & Levine is committed to providing small-business owners with representation on an ongoing basis and help them be effective stewards of their business.

Comprehensive Business Representation

What does it mean to offer comprehensive business representation? It means offering counsel and advocacy for women and men engaged in new and ongoing businesses, which enables the owner to make smart choices regarding business transaction, navigating regulation, managing people, and writing contracts to avoid or resolve disputes, all allowing the business to grow and prosper unhindered. Our representation includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Corporate formation and registration
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Real estate transactions
  • Lease negotiations of land or equipment
  • Negotiating employment contracts or disputes
  • Business Succession
  • Sale and Transfer of business interests
  • Hosting annual shareholder meetings
  • Foreign corporation filings and management
  • Collections
  • Implementing corporate compliance programs
  • Navigating regulatory schemes, Limited Liability Companies, Joint Ventures and Partnerships

More than that, comprehensive business representation also includes being able to counsel our clients on issues that are not directly legal or contractual, such as:

Family law – Divorce can act as a tremendously disruptive force when it impacts a family-owned business. Levine & Levine’s lawyers offer skilled business law representation that when coupled with our family law experience, can help family-owned businesses persevere through difficult changes related to a divorce.

Estate planning – Ensuring businesses remain in place for their successors after the owner retires or dies is a concern. We understand those concerns and can help businesses plan for a successful transition through an effective and well-designed estate plan.

Marijuana business – On November 6, 2018, Michigan citizens voted in favor of Proposal 1, making marihuana legal for adults 21 years of age or older in the State of Michigan.  Also known as the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, Proposal 1 calls for the State to control the commercial production and distribution of recreational marihuana under a system that licenses, regulates, and taxes the businesses involved.  Levine & Levine business attorneys understand that Proposal 1 offers the potential for more clients to become involved in marijuana business ownership.  At Levine & Levine, we are actively following the development of the rules and regulations that will control recreational marihuana businesses and are happy to discuss issues pertaining to marijuana business licensing, compliance, and ownership.

A Reputation For Delivering The Skilled Help Our Clients Need

At Levine & Levine, we understand the real needs of small-business owners, and we have been helping them succeed since 1987. Our focus is on developing long-term relationships with our business clients. The value we can provide to our clients increases as our relationship grows. The more we know about your business and you, the easier it is for us to be able to offer advice and counsel that is tailored to the circumstances of your situation. This helps us to be more effective and helps ensure that you are able to secure the results you need.

Let us help you manage your business matters with the confidence that your concerns are receiving the full attention of our skilled and respected lawyers. To schedule an initial consultation, call (269) 382-0444 or contact us online.

Sharan Lee Levine
Sharan Lee Levine


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