Randall Levine speaks with WWMT TV3 regarding Justice Kavanaugh nomination

Randall Levine on Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation

KALAMAZOO, MICH. – Oct. 8, 2018 – Randall Levine, managing partner at Kalamazoo, Michigan-based Levine & Levine, was asked to break down what the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanuagh to the U.S. Supreme Court means during a recent media interview.  Levine says, “We now have a conservative bloc and a liberal bloc.”

Speaking about the process of confirming Kavanaugh, Levine says the Supreme Court may have suffered from the politics involved and he hopes the process does not impact Kavanaugh to the point “where he can’t be an impartial justice.”

Explaining how the court now leans conservative and what this means for future social rulings, Levine notes, “We have a conservative bloc that’s in the majority now in the Supreme Court and that bloc is likely to endure for many years, so I think it’s predictable that certain rights, like abortion, like civil rights, LGBT rights, and affirmative action are likely to be eroded.”

Levine has extensive experience in the defense of serious criminal matters and as a champion of justice and fairness, he has earned accolades for his defense on hundreds of criminal cases and has been recognized by the American Trial Lawyers Association, Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers, and Leaders in the Law.  Levine has been an adjunct professor teaching Constitutional Law at Kalamazoo College.

To read and watch Levine’s full interview about Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation click here.



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