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MLive seeks Randall Levine’s legal expertise in U of M sexual misconduct case

KALAMAZOO, MICH. – May 23,2019 – MLive.com sought out the legal expertise of Levine & Levine Managing Partner Randall Levine about an ongoing sexual misconduct lawsuit against the University of Michigan.

     On Tuesday, May 21, university attorneys and lawyers for Andrew Lipian, a former graduate student accusing the university of mishandling sexual misconduct claims, agreed to a protective order, which allows both sides to shield certain evidence, depositions, internal communications and other case-related materials from the public.

     Lipian claims David Daniels, a tenured voice professor and famous opera singer at the University of Michigan, violated the University of Michigan sexual harassment policy, according to the Office of Institutional Equity. Lipian’s attorney explained information both sides deem confidential could become public if they are the topic of — or the basis for — future court filings related to the case.

     This also includes a trial, Levine told MLive.

     “It’s just discovery, which often times includes inadmissible evidence,” he said. “If the case is tried, the First Amendment would require an open proceeding with public access to the trial proceedings.

     “It appears that both sides want to prevent details from poisoning their respective positions.”

     Read the full story, here.



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