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Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Laws

KALAMAZOO, MICH. – Jan. 25, 2017 – Beginning in 2017, Michigan’s medical marijuana users got new options beyond smoking marijuana for relief.  Those individuals who legally use marijuana for medical reasons are now allowed to use various forms of cannabis. The law now allows for the possession and use of the concentrated forms, which includes topical oils and ointment, tinctures (a liquid that is placed on the tongue), beverages, and edible forms of marijuana.

There are more than 200,000 Michigan residents who have medical marijuana cards allowing them to use marijuana to help manage medical issues such as pain.

By allowing the use of these other forms of marijuana, individuals can now obtain relief by means other than smoking. The law will now allow younger people with a serious illness who do not smoke and have not smoked, and whose parents do not want them to smoke to have the chance to obtain the relief they seek. These additional forms will be a lot like taking prescription medication.

It is very important that medical marijuana users in the State of Michigan understand the many changes to Michigan law regulating the use of cannabis and its possession.  At Levine & Levine we help individuals who face prosecution for alleged violation of the Michigan marijuana laws.  If you have questions concerning your rights as a medical marijuana user we suggest that you consult with an attorney who is experienced in this specialized area of the law.

Randall Levine was interviewed by WWMT TV regarding Michigan’s new law regulating medical marijuana. See the full interview here. https://wwmt.com/news/local/new-laws-and-legislative-changes-set-to-take-effect-in-2017



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