Criminal And Family Law Appeals: Michigan And Federal

The appeals process allows those who have been unsuccessful at trial, received a sentence that is objectionable, or entered into a plea agreement that is later determined as unacceptable, to have opportunity to achieve an alternate resolution.

Appeals identify and call into question specific legal or factual errors made in the trial court. Because of the differences between appellate courts and trial courts, working with a lawyer who has a firm background in legal research and writing is critical.

Criminal appeals – Attorneys Anastase Markou and Sarissa Montague have decades of criminal defense experience, which informs their ability to craft effective legal and factual arguments on appeal. Attorneys Markou and Montague have demonstrated records of favorable appellate decisions in Federal and State Courts regarding numerous criminal law topics including

  • Sentencing
  • Parole consideration
  • Sex crimes
  • Constitutional violations
  • Federal Habeas Corpus Claims
  • Withdrawal of plea agreements

Family law appeals – Attorney Rachel L. Gruetzner has extensive experience working on family law matters before the Michigan Court of Appeals and Michigan Supreme Court. As a former research attorney at the Michigan Court of Appeals, Attorney Gruetzner brings valuable insider knowledge to her appellate practice.

Levine & Levine provides highly effective appellate representation for those needing to appeal a criminal conviction or an adverse family law decision, in both State and Federal Court. Schedule a consultation to meet with an experienced attorney to discuss whether an appeal is right for you.

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We know that you are depending on your appeal to rectify previous adverse decisions. Turn to Levine & Levine for the experienced help you need. To schedule an initial consultation, call 800-214-1213 or contact us online.

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